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Not long ago I ordered the first time at Matlens and want to tell you my experiences.

Because I want the matching eye color for my cosplay, but am shortsighted and always a bit confused at the conventions and never notice if somebody waves or greets me from afar, I really needed lenses with prescription! In the past I always ordered at mycostumes, but they don´t have contact lenses with prescription anymore, so I needed another option.

Last year at Epic con I had my first cosplay contest ever. The last stage performance was in the kindergarten or maybe primary school, it´s even so long ago, that I can´t remember.

The last weeks before the convention I watched out for some youtube videos, forum entries and blogs about the “cosplay contest topic”, but felt a bit overwhelmed and scared about it. There are so many different types of conventions, conditions and implementations with different rules and severity and the more I read or watch, the more uncertain I got. So I decided to stop doing this and also making myself crazy about the effort I´d be “meant to”.